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For 20 years my professional experience has been devoted to project management.  At first I was a COBOL programmer, then a team leader, then a project manager, and then an I.T. Manager.  That’s when I learned that managing projects and people had its challenges and being a good PM took a special education and special skills.  I dove into that project management pool and drank up as much as I could about Project Management.  I devoured the PMBOK and the PMBOK Guide.  I read all the recommended books and them some.  I befriended the author of the PMBOK Guide, Bill Duncan.  I attended PMI meetings, project management courses, classes, and certifications.  I became certified by Keane Consulting and Digital Equipment Corporation in both SDLC methodologies and project management. 

After Digital downsized I was quick to find opportunities in project and I.T. management (life after Digital).  I became very involved in PMI and ASAPM and was appointed to both Boards of Directors.   I served on the board of PMI for five years and ASAPM’s board for over two years.

I love project management.  I love to mentor other project managers and I am also teaching Project Management, Project Budgets and Assessments and Program Managment at Endicott College.   I am good at what I do.  I understand the need for PM and SDLCs.  I am passionate about project management and my favorite four letter word is "DONE" and I embrace Web 2.0 technologies (Drupal, WordPress, MySQL, PHP) and technology.

You are invited to read my published articles.

Resumes are also available for download as are a few other documents I have found useful in my projects.

(A graphical resume can be seen at: http://vizualize.me/jsaren#.T4G9XJlBt8E)

Project Management Resume

Project Management - Infrastructure Resume

Education Resume (Adjunct Professor)

Healthcare Resume

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